A Fairy Fancy

I see a fairy – by the water there

She is sunning herself without a care

Wings folded back and dipping her toe

Perched on the bank – see there down low

Face tilted up towards the sun

Well would you believe!  There’s another one…


I think he’s a he – so very rare

I think he’s seen her – she is so fair

Look he is strutting and whistling by

Pretending to not notice, let him try

She sees him and smiles and flutters her wings

No man, no fairy, could miss such a thing…


And all at once he blazes green

Making sure he can be seen

She flushes and looks up at him

He sits beside her with the widest grin

He kisses her and time seems to slow

And now we must turn to leave them so…


©Wendy Strohm 2018

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