New Release: Alice in Wonderland ANTHOLOGY

Silver Birch Press

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In June 2014, Silver Birch Press issued a call for submissions for poetry, prose, art, photography, and other work inspired by Lewis Carroll’s masterwork, Alice in Wonderland.

We received submissions from authors and artists around the world, and have prepared the Alice in Wonderland Anthologyto celebrate the 150th anniversary of the book that continues to offer inspiration and insight generation after generation. The Alice in Wonderland Anthology has an official release date of November 26, 2015, exactly a century and a half after its namesake’s publication.

Published in 1865, Alice in Wonderland remains one of the world’s most popular books—and is still relevant and respected in 2015, a phenomenon that is sure to continue in the years to come.

The Alice in Wonderland Anthology features work by 63 writers, artists & photographers: Mary Jo Bang, Virginia Barrett, Sabina C. Becker, Roxanna Bennett, Rebecca Bokma, Ed Bremson, Kari Bruck…

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Alice in Wonderland Anthology

Delighted to announce I have some work featured in this Silver Birch Press publication to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carrol’s Alice – one of my favourite books.

My work is dedica51uKrhGovrL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_ted to my great-grandfather ‘Granpop’ who gave me his childhood copy of Alice – might even be a first edition!  The featured poem was inspired by my eldest niece Charlotte.

The book is available on Amazon – check out these links –


Many thanks to Melanie at Silver Birch Press who has kindly featured my work in this anthology

A Robin Dancing

Some tears today for it is so hard

The way to happiness seems often barred

But I look up then and what do I see

A robin redbreast dancing just for me

He chirps and chirrups and he calls

He is so close and I am enthralled

He cocks his head and with a beady eye

He fluffs his wings and says goodbye

I watched him still as away he flew

He gladdened my heart as you used to do

And then I see the sun came out

Your message my love – no need to shout…


Wendy Strohm 2015



Richmond Red Deer

(inspired by image from Bing Daily Desktop)

Bing - Stag Richmond Park

Keep your distance please for this is my time
Here in Richmond Park I am in my prime
My antlers are grown and the velvet is lost
They are catching on much – the ferns and the moss
Yet I proclaim my status, I am ready to mate
I hold my heavy head high for I am great
See my determination in my direct stare
The does are there ready and I’m not willing to share
Don’t make me charge now just stay clear
For I am a lusty male red deer

©Wendy Strohm 2015