Waiting For You by Wendy Strohm (I Am Waiting Poetry Series)

Thank you Silver Birch Press

Silver Birch Press

by Wendy Strohm

I am waiting for you dear, here in the cold
Here in this strangeness that was not told
I’ve been biding my time waiting for you
It’s taking you so long and I’ve nothing to do
I watch and wait and the world seems to have thinned
My body gone, I am but a shadow in the wind

Waiting still but fading out, my ended life
Here in a wasteland, awaiting my wife
I’ve been here so long, waiting for you
But we promised that our love would stay true
Come when you’re ready and find me here
I am waiting, still waiting, for you my dear

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: I lost my mother recently and suddenly. My more recent work has been heavily influenced by this tragedy. As the family tries to come to terms with our loss, I have been thinking…

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